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Opening Reception: Ángeles Agrela, The Paradoxes of The Aura

Thursday, September 28, 2023

CICA Vancouver is thrilled to present The Paradoxes of the Aura, a solo exhibition by the highly anticipated artist Ángeles Agrela, from September 28 to November 4, 2023.

The opening reception will include light refreshments by Le Doux Ciel and Le Vieux Pin and the accompanying sounds of Latin-Jazz musician Frankie Hidalgo courtesy of Latincouver.

Exhibition information:

In the vast and ever-evolving realm of contemporary art, Ángeles Agrela emerges as a beacon who intertwines the venerable traditions of classical painting with the nuanced undercurrents of contemporary feminist semiotics. Rooted firmly in the fertile historiography of Spain’s artistic legacy, Agrela proffers an avant-garde perspective, inviting audiences to a tableau wherein obscurantism and epiphany merge.

The Paradoxes of the Aura will feature 20 artworks from 2014 to 2023, tracing the evolution of Agrela’s artistic journey. Ángeles Agrela’s artistic endeavours present a syncretic fusion of historical reverence and contemporaneous innovation. Each composition invites an epistemological quest, urging an unravelling of the layered narratives concealed therein. Within her domain, every nuance, every chromatic variation, every obscured countenance proffers a profound dialogue, awaiting the engagement of the erudite observer.

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  • Time: September 28, 2023 - 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Venue:CICA Vancouver

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