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About Us

About Us

Vancouver Centre of International Contemporary Art (CICA Vancouver) is a registered non-profit art organization founded by Tony Hui Cao, in Vancouver, Canada. The organization aims to cultivate the creation, development, and engagement of the next generation’s art. The objective of the organization is to enhance the public’s engagement in the arts through exhibitions, panel talks, workshops, and special events. It aims to showcase artists’ works that represent contemporary culture and aesthetics and bring diversity into the local art scene. CICA Vancouver will continuously highlight the importance of engagement and accessibility in the arts and implement programs that can enhance the dissemination of contemporary art ideas.

CICA Vancouver will dedicate its space and resources for three to four seasonal exhibitions and special exhibition programs every year. The seasonal exhibitions aim to bring international artists’ works to the city, to showcase their artistic practices, and to introduce diverse perspectives that are meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. Special exhibition programs are designed to bring even more varieties of art into the CICA space and make it a true destination for all art lovers. 

A Destination

Located in the most vibrant community in Gastown, Vancouver, CICA Vancouver sits right next to many must-see attractions, including Canada Place, the Steam Clock, and Waterfront. This two-storey heritage masonry building, constructed in 1889, was one of the earliest brick buildings built after the Great Fire of 1886, preserving its unique Victorian Italianate style from the late 19th century. 

CICA Vancouver’s space will preserve the natural beauty of the historical brick walls while offering maximum flexibility. The ground floor is the main exhibition area equipped with 6 wall panels. All the wall panels are movable and can be joined together to create an 8-metre continuous wall space. The mezzanine will serve as a multipurpose space with audio-visual, removable blinds, and a lounge area to meet the needs for presentations, workshops, and special events. The skylight allows natural light to pour in, enhancing energy efficiency while creating a harmonious interaction between the polished inside and nature. 

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