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Space Travelers: Hajime Sorayama

26 Jul 2023 - 16 Sep 2023


CICA Vancouver is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated solo exhibition of renowned Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, taking place at CICA Vancouver from July 26th to September 16th, 2023. This exhibition will showcase Sorayama’s captivating and thought-provoking artworks, exploring the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and humanity.

Hailed as a visionary pioneer, Sorayama has dedicated his artistic career to exploring the profound questions surrounding the evolving interaction between humans and AI. His iconic superrealistic cyborg imageries have sparked discussions worldwide and have inspired fellow artists and filmmakers, including Alex Garland on Ex Machina, and Paul Verhoeven on the 1987 Robocop. With his masterfully precise illustrations, Sorayama breathes life into his mechanical subjects, blurring the boundaries between human and machine, and offering a glimpse into the shared emotions and vulnerabilities that bridge the two worlds.

The exhibition “Hajime Sorayama: Space Travelers” will feature a curated selection of Sorayama’s iconic paintings and illustrations dating back to 1978, as well as his large-size “Sexy Robot” sculptures and immersive installations “Space Travelers”. This exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of the human exploitation of both living and non-living entities, and the vulnerability beneath the seemingly invincible metal skin and superior strength and intelligence. Sorayama’s thought-provoking depictions serve as a catalyst for introspection and a call for empathy.

CICA Vancouver is honoured to host this groundbreaking exhibition, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and reflection on the complex dynamics between AI and human existence. “Hajime Sorayama: Space Travelers” delves into the depths of human emotions, vulnerability, and the potential of machines as allies, highlighting the delicate balance between admiration and apprehension.

The opening reception for “Hajime Sorayama: Space Travelers” will take place on July 22nd, from 5:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m, at CICA Vancouver, located at 228 Abbott St, Vancouver.

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About the Artist 

Born in 1947 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Hajime Sorayama currently lives and works in Tokyo. With the publication of his acclaimed anthology of works, Sexy Robot, in 1983, Sorayama’s talent and creativity have garnered international recognition. His collaboration with Sony on the conceptual design of their first AI companion robot dog, ‘AIBO,’ in 1999, earned him the 2000 German Red Dot awards and the esteemed Grand Prize of Best Design award in Japan. This design is now in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Smithsonian Institution. Sorayama’s artistic prowess extends beyond the realm of robotics. His captivating artwork adorned the cover of Aerosmith’s 2001 album, ‘Just Push Play.’ Additionally, he collaborated with fashion designer Kim Jones on the DIOR Men collection and created a center-stage design piece for the Weeknd’s European tour. 

In recent years, Sorayama’s works have been showcased in exhibitions worldwide, including “Unorthodox” at The Jewish Museum in New York (2015), “Desire” curated by Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch at the Moore Building in Miami (2016), “The Universe and Art” at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the Art Science Museum in Singapore (2016-2017), “Cool Japan” at the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam (2018), “Tokyo Pop Underground” presented by Jeffrey Deitch in New York and Los Angeles (2019-2020), and “Sorayama x Giger” at UCCA Lab in Beijing (2022-2023). Sorayama is scheduled to present a solo exhibition this summer at the Museum of Sex, in Miami, USA. 


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  • Date: 26 Jul 2023 - 16 Sep 2023
  • Location:Vancouver

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