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Experience Exhibitions in 3D – “The Dream and the Voyage”

Have you been dreaming of seeing Tania Marmolejo’s new solo exhibition “The Dream and the Voyage” but can’t make it in person? CICA Vancouver is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Vortic Art to present Tania Marmolejo solo exhibition “The Dream and the Voyage” at Frieze Seoul 2022.

(Explore the exhibition on Vortic Art)

Vortic is the leading augmented and virtual reality platform for the art world. Walk through the virtual exhibition online or pair the exhibition with your virtual reality headset and visit our gallery from the comfort of your living room.

On view are 14 new paintings inspired by the artist’s personal experience in Vancouver and the surrounding wilderness of the lower mainland. The large-scale portraits of women within the coastal landscapes draw the viewer in to contemplate the characters’ expansive and nuanced facial expressions, making them yearn to delve i to the stories of Marmolejo’s imagined characters.

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