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Jesse Mockrin: Limited Edition Print Release!

Jesse Mockrin’s recent work Relic, drawing inspiration from Artemisia Gentileschi’s Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene, is turned into an exclusively released print, in the edition of 40 + 5 APs!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a limited edition print, “Relic” during Jesse Mockrin’s solo exhibition “Succession” at CICA Vancouver! This stunning piece captures Mockrin’s signature blend of classical and contemporary styles, with intricate details and vibrant colours that draw you in. ⁠



Archival pigment print on cotton rag

Signature: Hand-signed and numbered on the back

Size: 24 x 16.5 in

Edition of 40 + 5 APs

Important Notice

Shipping is not included and will be calculated additionally based to your shipping address. We will contact you once your purchase is made. 

Purchase Agreement

Please be informed that the delivery schedule might be delayed due to shipping delays. Return of the item, cancelling the order, and refunding after placing the order is not accepted. Please make sure that there are no errors in your order before making the payment.

This limited edition print has been carefully crafted with a cotton rag and archival pigments to ensure exceptional colour and saturation. Its colour longevity is guaranteed, withstanding the test of time, and maintaining its pristine condition. Cotton rag is a traditional paper-making process that predates modern wood pulp paper-making. Its texture bears a striking resemblance to that of the canvas, facilitating a more intricate and nuanced colour display. Despite its superlative quality and durability, the cotton rag was gradually supplanted by industrial wood pulp paper due to its exorbitant production costs.

The artwork titled “Relic” was previously featured in the artist’s exhibition “Reliquary,” and was created in the year 2022. Mockrin reframed the renowned painting by the Baroque period’s most significant female artists, Artemisia Gentileschi, entitled “Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene”. This masterpiece emphasizes the two female characters, highlighting their agency, benevolence, and countenance. Mockrin specifically selected Artemisia’s version and honed in on the hands and candles while eliminating the faces of the women. Consequently, the female character clutching the arrow becomes a source of great ambiguity for the viewer as their expressions are obscured. By cropping this classic artwork, Mockrin eschewed the image of female heroism and created an unsettling ambiance that blurs the lines between gender, healing, and harm, providing a fresh experience for those who encounter Mockrin’s version and gain insight into the original masterpiece.

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